by Ray Hayes

For the past few years, business in Utah has been doing quite well. In 2016, CNBC named Utah the top state for Business and the state remained in the top eight states for business in 2017. Many entrepreneurs and organization are lured to the state because of tax breaks, affordable real estate, wealth of educated tech graduates, and its well-built public transportation system. Although business is doing well in the urban areas of state, the regional Small Business Administration wants to make sure business is also thriving in the rural areas.

Dan Nordberg, SBA regional administrator, spoke about how plans to support rural communities are being implemented. “We’re trying to bridge the gap between urban and rural. Small business can help maintain sustainable growth, but needs vary by community. We wanted to see what we can do and make a plan of action for moving forward,” Nordberg said.

During Nordberg tour of the rural areas of the state, one of the many complaints business owners cited was, “with technological connectivity, access to capital for small business and skilled labor.”  With this information Nordberg plans to work with rural cities to formulate a plan to address these needs.

The regional SBA plans to make more stops in rural cities for the month of August to assess the needs of local small businesses and provide information to the communities on how the SBA can be of assistance to local businesses.