by Ray Hayes

Despite the Trump Administration recently rescinding seven guidances that once encouraged race as factor in the college admission process, many educators believe international students will not be affected. While the Department of Education and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division concluded that the previous administration’s policies were unnecessary, international students may not be affected due to most universities not including them in diversity statistics.

In 2004, a study from Princeton University concluded that, “College administrators frequently code the race/ethnicity of foreign nationals simply as ‘foreign’ without specifying a race group.”

Under the new federal guidelines, federal funding could be pulled from a University if the school considers race in their admission process. Institutions of higher education will not be the only ones affected, with elementary, secondary, and post secondary schools included as well.

Legal experts are still reviewing the newly minted laws but Scott Schneider, a New Orleans-based higher education lawyer, said the following about the recent policies, “Let’s wait and see what the guidance is going to say, No. 1, and No. 2, will the change in policy also be coupled with a change in enforcement priorities?”