Last month, Amazon announced that the company is looking to connect with entrepreneurs interested in starting a delivery service solely for the billion dollar conglomerate.  According to a statement, Amazon’s new “Delivery Service Partners” program will setup interested parities as suppliers (not employees) to the company and help them win lower rates concerning insurance, fuel and leases for Amazon branded vans.  The estimated initial cost for Amazon dedicated delivery service owners is $10,000, which will go to starting an independent business that, per Amazon, “has to begin with at least five delivery vans and ramp up to 20 vans over an undisclosed period of time.”

“The announcement follows public criticism of Amazon by President Donald Trump over the company’s arrangement with the US Postal Service. Amazon uses the USPS for an estimated 40% of its last-mile deliveries, paying bulk pricing. Trump has said he thinks it is a bad deal for the government.”  Thanks to the President’s comments, Amazon is now investing millions to recruit potential deliver service owners including “setting aside $1 million to specifically recruit and help military veterans become partners.”

Amazon is estimating that business owners can make up to $300,000 a year in profit running “a full-sized fleet of 40 vans and managing 100 employees”.  This is the latest attempt by Amazon to focus attention to its delivery network and gain greater control of its Prime business, which ships 5 billion packages a year globally.

People have to apply at and be approved by Amazon.


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