by Ray Hayes

The PGA of America recently announced their partnership with Radius Sports Group in an attempt to connect with more diverse companies and educate potential suppliers on opportunities within the golf industry, estimated to be $84.1 billion.

Radius Sports Group is a consultant firm that works within the sports industry to optimize its environment and social sustainability programs. The recent partnership will help the PGA capitalize off its previous efforts to grow its matchmaking programs.

The PGA and Radius plan to identify local and diverse suppliers to work with alongside its large suppliers during the PGA’s Championship series, known for its economic impact on the host city.

The PGA of America Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion Sandy Cross spoke about the recent partnership.  “Radius Sports Group understands the importance of inclusion within golf business operations and is the right partner, as we continue to make advancements in this important area. Consumers desire to see others like themselves, who share similar backgrounds and life experiences, working within and benefiting from the golf industry. Along with our prime suppliers, the PGA of America has enjoyed success in partnering with diverse-owned businesses, and we want to take that to the next level.”

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