A new program called “Diversity Works” has lead to a 150% increase in employee diversity at 47 Israel firms.  The initiative, which is a partnership between itworks and MEPI, was an 18 month project that worked to increase awareness among marginalized populations about opportunities within the 47 local organizations that connected with the program.

The joint initiative included a nonprofit, itworks, which promotes diversity in the workplace, and MEPI, “or Middle East partnership initiative, is the US embassy’s initiative to promote stability in the Middle East by working with the government, NGOs and the private sector.”

Three of the leading companies connected with the program include Procter & Gamble, Nokia, and Citibank, all of which “received the “Leading in Diversity” award for their success in hiring diverse employees and encouraging dialogue within the business sector about the need for diversity.”

With the success of the initial rollout, the program is now being developed for expansion into other industries within the country including technology.

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