Drake State Community & Technical College is an educational institution located in Northern Alabama.  Last month the school “teamed up with the  Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) to host the The Supplier Diversity Conference” focused on connecting diverse suppliers with large corporations primarily located in the automotive and aerospace industries.

While at the conference, minority, women-owned, and small businesses were able to meet with representatives from the likes of Toyota and Blue Origin in an effort to learn more about and hopefully win business from these large organizations.

The conference is a necessary first step for many suppliers looking to expand their customer base, and the opportunity provided by Drake State will more than likely benefit everyone that attended.

“In terms of representation of women in this space, I think it’s really about making sure girls know that it’s an option for them, because quite frankly girls are sometimes scared away from math and science and the STEM areas that are going to get you into jobs like this,” said Courtney Watersm, who is with a supply chain management and manufacturing group.

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