The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently held its first ever aerospace business matchmaker conference with the purpose of connecting with small businesses in the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky areas.  The key to the inaugural event is the reaffirmation of space exploration thanks to the Trump Administration’s reassigned missions to the moon and Mars.

Over 400 participants attended the conference from both the public government and private small business sector.  In 2017, NASA small business contracting expanded to $2 billion, “and has since grown an additional $3 billion.”  In addition Small Business Administration (SBA) loan rates were at an all time high in support of small firms connecting with government opportunities.

With a strong economy under us, opportunities with NASA are increasing for small businesses that can meet the requirements of the organization.  These opportunities include providing goods and services in “mechanical and electrical engineering, IT services, maintenance, medical services, office supplies and equipment, office administrative services, testing laboratories, apparel and security.”