by Ray Hayes

The term diversity is one of the most trendy words in the tech arena with multiple experts trying to figure out good ways to capitalize and benefit from it. There have been numerous reports that have provided statistics on how diversity brings more capital to a business and its positive outcomes.

This has led to Forbes Technology Council, which consists of world class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives, creating a 12 point plan with an emphasis on ways diversity can make a difference in the world of tech.  These suggestions include the following:

  1. The Right Solutions – In order to figure out the right solutions to daily business challenges, or customer success, diversity of thought is critical. In today’s market, one solution is not enough.  Diverse teams can enhance creativity which can result in multiple options for solutions.
  2. Best Ideas Rule the Day – When you open the door to hiring diverse talent, a company’s perspective is broadened and diversity of thought will create a way to better serve customers and employees.
  3. Solve Problems Faster – Diverse teams provide an array of perspectives which can allow teams the ability to identify and solve problems faster than a non-diverse team.
  4. Build A Product for Everyone – If you build a product build it for everyone. If you have a homogeneous team, then most likely will have a product that serves that team. In order to build a product for everyone, you must have a diverse team to hear more than one perspective.
  5. Increased Creativity – If everyone on a team has the same skill set, and same idea then everyone will reach the same conclusions. Therefore, different skills sets and different ideas provide innovative conclusions. Diversity is the only solution to this problem.
  6. Connect With Customers – If a customer base you serve is widely diverse, in order to understand their needs and reach a wider market, a company should consider diversifying as well connecting directly with the potential customer(s).
  7. Increased Profits – According to the Working Paper series, “the more gender diversity there is in a company, the higher the performance and the higher the financial results.”
  8. People Grow Faster – Tech team diversity benefits the company’s productivity when done correctly. If you teach diversity in tech, eventually the work environment will be more beneficial and cultured overall.
  9. Expand The Borders – Ofer Garrnett from YouAPPI Inc., stated the following, “More importantly, a diverse approach, not just gender or ethnicity but also diversity within roles, allows the tech community to expand its borders and employ a rich cross-section of people who may not fit “classic” tech profiles.”
  10. Different Work Styles – Simply put diversity creates an uncomfortable environment that helps individuals learn and create new ways to accomplish goals.
  11. A Better Product – A team with male and female members can create a better product for customers than a male only team which will most likely only consider the male perspective while alienating female customers.
  12. Culture of Diversity – A lack of diversity can be a company’s undoing and destroy the culture. Ryan Clark from, stated the following, “Creating culture is a dynamic activity where every choice will shape the outcome. A great culture will attract great talent and a toxic culture could be the end.”

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