Facebook Stories has seen a huge growth over its time, culminating in 150 million daily users on Facebook’s platform.  With so many returning users, Facebook is currently testing advertising capabilities on the feature.  The goal is to offer advertising to small businesses looking to connect with local potential customers.  In addition to Facebook Stories, Facebook would also like to offer the same service to small businesses looking to connect with 400 million users utilizing Instagram Stories and 450 million using WhatsApp Status, this app’s version of Stories.

What makes Stories and Status so popular is that both applications “let you share and communicate visually with your audience. Whether images or videos, you can share content with your group all at once or individually by seamlessly fitting with the browsing experience of the user.”  For smaller firms, this could mean “increasing brand awareness, driving sales, improving engagement and promoting products and services.”

Although I’m not a fan of increasing advertising, I am a fan of better opportunities for small businesses to connect with potential clients.  If this can connect without being a burden, then I support it for both the consumer and the business.

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