by Ray Hayes

Last year, Google Cloud and Dropbox partnered to provide cross platform integrations. The goal of the partnership was to develop a more unified way for users to work across devices with tools such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.  Well as of the end of July, the first product was finally introduced: a Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

The new plugin will allow users to bring their Dropbox content into Gmail including context info such as file name and where the file can be located in Dropbox. Eventually, users will have the full privilege to attach files from Dropbox into an email without having to search through computer files, although this will take some time before it is fully launched.

The Dropbox add-on is available today for Android users however the official launch for iOs has not yet been released.

Dropbox product manager Ketan Nayak spoke with about the crossover between the two platforms, “…the crossover between Google and Dropbox users was a lot more important than the competition. For example, he said that “hundreds of millions” of Dropbox users have made a Gmail account, while 50 percent of Dropbox users also use Gmail. It’s all about user choice, our customers want to use the tools they love and they want that choice.  This is the common vision of platform openness that Dropbox and Google share, and that’s what brought us together.”