The National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) is an organization committed to connecting veteran entrepreneurs with large corporations and government organizations.   Last month the NVBDC held its 3rd Annual Doing Business with the Federal Reserve and Private Industry Conference where over 200 registrants had the opportunity to present their businesses to public and private sector entities.  The event was held in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and sponsor JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Next month, the NVBDC will host the National Veteran Business Matchmaker in Detroit where, last year, the organization managed to triple their attendance record. The event will connect buyers from major corporations and government agencies with veteran owned businesses that are prepared to compete for opportunities on a large scale.

Over the past year, many organizations have been created to support veteran companies with NVBDC at the forefront, helping Veteran focused Diversity Spending Programs grow into an $80 billion dollar market in the United States.

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