The National Football League (NFL) apparently has posted a new batch of job listings over the past month, including one titled “Head of Diversity and Inclusion”.  According to a description of the new position, the appointed person will act as “the League’s primary diversity and inclusion strategist,” chairing the NFL Diversity Council.  The main function of the position will be to “oversee the NFL’s overarching diversity strategy” and “drive measurable change,” within the organization and at the club level.

It is no far stretch to say that the past year or two within the NFL has been contentious at best.  With backlash from players kneeling from the right, to criticism for the lack of job opportunity for Colin Kaepernick from the left, the NFL has sat in a no win zone while watching regular season viewership continue to drop.

In addition to anthem kneeling, additional “lawsuits regarding expectations placed on cheerleaders” and “widespread criticism over the league’s employment of players accused of domestic abuse” has put the NFL in need of someone to oversee their crisis management and implement long standing change.  A head for diversity and inclusion may be a good way to move forward internally, but on field questions concerning health and safety still drag the game.

Time will tell what will happen to the NFL, but right now, the ship is in much need of repair.

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