by Ray Hayes

Most small business owners are actively looking for new ways to save money. When an owner is able to locate a low-cost business trend, money and (most importantly) time can be saved. In an effort to help small business owners identify and take advantage of low cost trends, asked members of the Forbes New York Business Council for some advice on the subject.

Below are six ways small businesses can save money for their company.

  1. Low Cost Tests – Low-cost social ads are a great way to get your brand’s message across to customers. A/B testing is a great way to identify what message will best reach your customer. The testing will cost as little as $50 and it provides a insight into what message(s) reached potential users best.  – Yana Zaidiner of Token Payments, Inc. provided
  2. Instant Messaging – Instant Messaging, “provides a quick response for the customer and saves a tremendous amount of time for the team because lengthy phone calls have been reduced dramatically.” Barbara Karpf, DecoratorsBest
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages – “These pages are often faster and thus ranked higher on Google. To set up AMP pages, most sites built on a CMS can just install a plugin to quickly update. This can boost search rankings, traffic and, ultimately, customers.” –  Evan Rose,  Rose Digital
  4. Old-Fashion Ads – Instead of relying solely on new technology, consider using old fashion ads. “More and more restaurants or other businesses relying on services such as GrubHub are printing out cards to incentivize customers to order directly.” – Henry Glucroft, Henry’s
  5. E-Commerce Platforms – People are skipping brick and mortar shops for online shopping and delivery. E-Commerce platforms are the way of the future and offer customers more convenient ways to shop. “Setting up delivery services or ways to sell your products both in-store and online is an absolute must.” – Hoda Mahmoodzadegan, Molly’s Milk Truck and F’in Delicious Beverages
  6. Local Referrals – Make sure you are making friends with others because that could generate tons of new customers and profit. “One of the best marketing channels for local businesses is getting customer referrals from other complementary businesses. Think about businesses you share customers with and start reaching out.” Phillip Alexeev, Sketchfab, Inc.

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