In a sign of the times, Yelp, a is a digital  crowd-sourced review forum that connects consumers to restaurants, small businesses, and other businesses, recently included a category that declares if a business is “Open to all”.  The new “Open to all” category is for organizations that have taken an online anti-discrimination pledge.

More than 1,000 small and larger employers (like Levi’s and Airbnb) “are already declaring that they will “maintain a welcoming and safe environment for people — including employees, visitors, customers, vendors and clients — regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion or disability” according to the language of the pledge.”

Yelp’s new category is based on their support of the Open to All initiative, “a coalition of more than 175 businesses and organizations that was developed by the Movement Advancement Project, or MAP, a think tank promoting LGBT rights.”

The new initiative is a key sign of the times and “also comes in response to high-profile incidents of racial bias at businesses like Starbucks.”  Now, if consumers truly wish to exclusively support companies that reflect their ideals, they can.