Philadelphia is currently undergoing an expansion in it’s 30th Street Station district to take place over the next 35 years.  The purpose of the project is to create an area that best represents a way to create a unified community, while emphasizing connectivity and identity within the district.  In order to do this, the city is taking “one of Pennsylvania’s busiest intermodal stations serving Amtrak, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), and New Jersey Transit” and transform the area into a modern offering.

Currently the 30th Street Station, in Fiscal Year 2013, saw more than 11 million passenger trips, and visits a large area including an increasing number “of commercial and residential developments in the area by Drexel University, Brandywine Realty Trust, University of Pennsylvania, and others and you have an area primed for transformation.”

With such developments taking place, the NAACP is calling for more diversity within the projects currently being planned, designed, and constructed.  The NAACP is looking for an undisclosed amount of guarantees that diverse suppliers will be included in the project, with no response so far.  Below is a brief look at a few of the projects currently being worked on:

Master Developer Partnership
Current Phase: Planning
Lead Agency: Amtrak
Amtrak will seek a Master Developer partnership with a visionary team made up of world-class architects, engineers and developers to help build the vision in the District Plan.

West Underground Concourse / Connector
Current Phase:
Planning & Concept Design
Lead Agencies: Amtrak / SEPTA
Amtrak and SEPTA are coordinating planning and concept design work for the proposed underground retail concourse and connection between 30th Street Station and the subway and trolley.

North Concourse
Current Phase: Planning & Concept Design
Lead Agency: Amtrak
Planning and concept design activities are underway for the North Concourse, a proposed new passenger concourse on the Arch Street side of the station to include passenger waiting and boarding areas and retail.

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