Advertising Technology (or ad tech for short) refers to the different forms of analytical and digital tools used to help agencies target, and deliver their digital advertising endeavors.  To put it simply, ad tech helps companies make better decisions by using the right methodology to deliver valuable content at the right time to the right consumer without wasteful spending.

Ad tech is an expanding industry but can sometimes fall victim to its initial group of homologous engineers and technologist who over populate the industry. In an effort to combat this, diversity must be utilized.

Over the last decade, minorities and women have been over looked in the ad tech industry. Many CEOs in the industry originally pictured their companies as a homologous group of workers from select universities which, in turn, failed to consider the global and diverse market of potential customers  Judy Shapiro from, indicated that this and many other problems should be overhauled by the ad tech industry. “This is why diversity in ad tech founders is desperately needed right now—to bring forward new and different approaches to address the challenges of ad tech, from GDPR and to the collapse of the impression economy.” Shapiro believes that with this single act, the industry can be revamped with a mixture new ideas and technology.

Some companies have already taken Shapiro’s advice but many more are still lagging behind. Hopefully, those companies who are lagging behind will begin to understand the value of diversity in the workplace but most importantly to the growth of the industry as whole.

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