by Ray Hayes

Kellogg’s Managing Director Belinda Tumbers has taken a different approach to the company’s diversity strategy in Australia. Since coming aboard in 2016, Tumbers has made it a top priority to improve workplace diversity and inclusion particularly within Kellogg’s leadership team.

During Tumbers’s sit down with CMO, she spoke about her new initiatives and accomplishments. “When I took on this role, I changed out a large portion of the leadership team, and we now have 50/50 male female diversity, with women in key roles as opposed to support roles. And the impact on our results has been pretty significant.”

Tumbers’ also stated that her staff engagement has increased more than 14 points after changes have taken place. According to CMO, Tumbers believes that the investment in Kellogg’s Australia management team will enable the company to connect with its consumers better. “Our main consumer is a female main grocery buyer, and that still is the case today. So having female representation on our leadership team makes us better placed to know how we should talk to consumers, and what they are looking for in products that we were bringing to market. So we can fundamentally change things and make our company a little more relevant.”

Tumbers success in Australia may dictate how Kellogg’s diversity strategy changes in the US and across that world ensuring that her strategies bear long term affects within the company.

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