While the Trump Administration may be remember for slashing policies to support diversity within the government, in the private sector, diversity experts are seeing opportunities hit an all time high.  The reason can be seen as a society dealing with issues that are now starting to hit the public eye.  From CEO’s being fired for decades sexual misconduct to public figures being derailed due to past attitudes toward races, diversity and inclusion is now a focus for many companies looking to recruit a growing talent pool that is nothing like the old.

“According to data from Indeed, demand for the roles has increased significantly in just the last few years. Between 2017 and 2018, Indeed postings for diversity and inclusion positions had increased by nearly 20%.”

Generally speaking, diversity and inclusion roles are based in Human Resources and require expertise in employee recruitment, retention and engagement.  According to CNN, “diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand, which is exactly why you see them in so many of these job titles. In diversifying a company workforce, leaders then also have to make sure employees from underrepresented groups feel welcome.”

The Trump Administration is an era where government policy is pushing the private sector to take on an opposite trend, which is interesting and begs a weird question.  If the President pushes an agenda, but the private sector does the opposite and the economy does well…is it because of the President?

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