by Ray Hayes

Diversity within the US House of Representatives is minuscule, according to a report released by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies entitled Racial Diversity Among Top US House Staff. The report investigates the racial makeup of the US House of Representatives and provides key findings for efforts to increase diversity within the House staff. Unfortunately the report, confirms many of our assumptions.  

The key findings from the report show the following:

  • Minorities make up 13 percent of the House of Representatives top staff
  • Of the 329 personal offices of White Members, only sixteen (under 5 percent) are led by chiefs of staff of color. Six work for Democratic Members, and ten for Republican


  • In the personnel offices of White Democratic Members, less than 8 percent of top staff are minorities. Ironically these same offices represent districts that on average consist of 37 percent minorities. For White Republicans, only 3 percent of its top staff are minorities while there districts on average consist of 26 percent of minorities.
  • There are no Latinos, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders or Native Americans in any of the 40 committee staff director positions or within the 24 top staff positions in either party
  • Women account for almost 61 percent of Black top staffers, almost 45 percent of Latina/o top staffers, and just over 31 percent of AAPI top staffers

If you are interested in reading the full report please click here.