Check out Amazon Storefronts for Women-Owned Business HERE

Last month, Amazon Storefronts was launched, offering consumers the chance to purchase from Amazon verified small and medium sized businesses.  According to Amazon, this is another way to increase sells for smaller firms that may be lost in the shuffle among the retail giant’s multiple services.

Currently, Amazon estimates that “half of the items purchased on Amazon come from small- and medium-sized businesses.”

In addition to a section of the website for smaller firms, a new TV Ad campaign will begin promoting Amazon Storefronts utilizing small businesses currently using the platform.  “The Little Flower Soap Co., which will be on Storefronts and featured in the TV ad, says it expects orders to rise since its flavored lip balms and handmade soaps will be a couple of clicks away from Amazon shoppers, instead of several.”

Amazon Storefronts will be promoted on the online retailer’s front page, and a TV ad will air this week showing some of its small business sellers. More than 1 million products from about 20,000 businesses were selected to be featured on the site, based on ratings from customers. Similar stores will be launched on Amazon’s sites in Germany and the United Kingdom.


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