Last month, Google announced that it had launched two features aimed at promoting veteran issues in business.  The two features were announced by “Google program manager Matthew Hudson, a former serviceman who did three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

According to Hudson, the problem with connecting with veterans for some organizations is that “veterans and recruiters aren’t always on the same page when it comes to things like military jargon and job requirements. That can sometimes lead to recruiters not getting the kinds of candidates they need and veterans taking jobs that they may be overqualified for.”

The two new tools released by Google are, first,  ‘jobs for veterans‘ , which grants military veterans the ability to “enter their specific military job codes (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc.) to see relevant (and local) civilian jobs that require skills similar to ones they may have acquired   in the military.”.  The second feature is connected with Google My Business and “allows businesses to identify as veteran-owned or led. The feature will be visible on Google Maps and mobile search listings.”

The goal of expanding options for veterans is a great one and I think can be a fantastic resource for those entering the civilian life from service.