Early, we posted an article concerning the pay gap among genders as it pertains to freelancers working with platforms such as Fiverr. After reading a recent USA Today article, it appears that more evidence can be given to argue that this is not simply a freelancer issue.  According to a Women in the Independent Workforce Report, “conducted by FreshBooks, a Toronto-based accounting and invoicing program for self-employed and small businesses,”  data suggests “a massive gender wage gap exists among freelancers, with men out earning women by 28%.”

FreshBooks findings revealed that 20 percent of women “have charged less than their male equivalents to get and keep clients, 30 percent believe they’re not taken as seriously as their male peers,” with another 30 percent of women believing “they have to work harder than men who do the same work.”

And data may be on their side. According to the article, women earn “49 percent less than men in IT (information technology), 34 percent less in marketing and communication and 27 percent less in “creatives,” traditional women’s fields” to name a few.

Unfortunately there is no quick solution for this disparity but data like this is helpful to inform us of an issue to know that something needs to change.  The challenge now is to discover the best ways to solve them.  This will take time but regardless identifying a problem is a step in the right direction.