Per the LA Times, Vernā Myers was recently appointed as Netflix’s new vice president for inclusion strategy in late of August of this year.  According to Newflix the new position “will help devise and implement strategies that integrate cultural diversity, inclusion and equity into all aspects of Netflix’s operations worldwide.”

The focus will be on the internal workings of Netflix and not necessarily their streaming content (think employees and not actors or directors).  The new position comes only a few months after the company “fired its chief communications officer after he used a racial slur on at least two occasions in the workplace. Jonathan Friedland, who had served as Netflix’s top spokesperson for the past seven years, acknowledged that he had spoken in an “insensitive” way.”

The need for has seen a huge jump under the Trump Administration.  With a highly polarizing political environment, selecting people that can help navigate the cultural trajectory of a company is important.  We will see how Myers can induce positive change for the company and wish her the best.

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