According to a new WalletHub report, Alaska is the state with the hardest working individuals in Americans, while people from Michigan are the least.

WalletHub looked at ten metrics, “which ranked from the average workweek hours to average commute time — to put together the list which is topped by several unlikely contenders. Big hubs like New York and California didn’t rank at the top even though their cities topped WalletHub’s list of hardest working cities, possibly because of the disparities among cities within the states.”

Take the ranking with a grain of salt, but it is interesting to see the average hour amount among states.

Alaskan residents “work an average 42 hours a week, the most in the country,” Jill Gonzalez, an analyst at WalletHub told Yahoo Finance. “The state also has only 20.34% households where there are no working adults, the second lowest share in the U.S., and 73% workers who leave vacation time unused, the third highest percentage.”

When comparing Alaska to the bottom 3 states including West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Michigan, there work weeks average to about 37.8 hours.  In addition, according to Gonzalez, “31.22% of its households don’t have any adults working at all. … Michigan residents also have about six hours of daily leisure time, the fifth highest amount of time in the U.S.”