by Ray Hayes

The clothing retailer J. Crew and its new CEO Jim Brett are planning a major relaunch and rebrand of the company.

With the new launch, the company will be focusing on the ‘diversity’ of America. This is not solely racial make-up of the American people but the diversity style, culture and personality.  J. Crew’s recent plans on focusing on diversity of the American people and lowering its prices is a result of the clothing retailer’s struggles with a sales decrease for 15 consecutive quarters. Brett seems to understand that the higher prices and lack of bigger sizes turns away a big base of clientele.

“We wanted to broaden the view to include more sizes, more aesthetics, more fits, and a better value range. We were starting too high. So it’s not about staking all prices down. It’s just about having those easy pick-me-up items so that anyone who walks in the store can walk out with something, “Brett told “CBS This Morning” in his first television interview since becoming CEO.

Brett also went on to say that the clothing retailer failed to listen to its customers and acknowledge what customer wants in the past. Therefore, the relaunching will focus primarily on the customer’s needs and wants. If you focus entirely on one normality then things will never grow and as result if you are a clothing retailer, sales will fall as well. As we at Supplierty love to say, diversity is pivotal to building a company but most importantly a brand.