by Ray Hayes

According to a new report, there is not only a gender pay gap within most companies but there is also a gender gap in the way employees regard diversity programs. The 2018 Ladders’ Diversity Report surveyed more than 1,000 Ladders users and obtained a variety of information about diversity and inclusion and employees who make around $100,000.

The survey revealed the following information:

  • Only 39 percent of total respondents knew what programs their companies have in place.
  • At least 66 percent of the women surveyed said that diversity is “very important” to a company’s success, while only 43 percent of men felt the same
  • More men said that their company takes diversity very seriously, 40 percent, compared to just of 23 percent of women.
  • At least 66 percent said their companies were male-dominated at the leadership level. Only 22 percent said they worked for companies in which men and women were evenly split between men and women.

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