by Ray Hayes

Finding the right job is hard and I know this from personal experience. Once I graduated from college I did not know which company was best for me. Obviously, I am not the only who who has or will suffer from the unknown but with help from valuable resources publicly available, I was able to utilize them to point me in the right direction. Granted some of the resources I used are lackluster now compared to the advancement of technology within the past decade but I recently stumbled upon some information that might be useful for those in my past situation.

Forbes and Indeed recently released a list of the top companies for millennials.  The ranking is based on things Forbes and Indeed identify as “millennial wants” which include; work life balance, retirement plan, giving backing initiatives and compensation.

Check out the list below and give us your thoughts on the latest rankings:

  1. Northrop Grumman – Northrop Grumman compensation and work/life balance are top tier for millennials.
  2. Discover Financial Services – Discover provides qualified U.S. based employees a full ride online bachelor’s degree which is definitely a plus to attract young and old talent.
  3. Kaiser Permanente – Kaiser’s healthcare package is simply great and with a farmer’s market onsite at certain locations. for employees
  4. Delta – Employees are offered worldwide travel on the house to all destinations Delta flies to.
  5. Southwest Airlines – Similar to Delta, Southwest also offers travel benefits for employees and a Profit Sharing plan which helps employees save for retirement.
  6. Apple – The tech giant’s healthcare package includes an in-house healthcare program which are known for “bringing medical staff onto their own payroll exclusively to care for Apple employees.”
  7. Pfizer Inc. – Similar to Southwest, Pfizer also offers a Profit Sharing program and a solid pension plan.
  8. Capital One – Capital One was recognized in 2017 as one of the best companies to support working mothers. According to the, “This financial-services company lightens the load for employees by covering up to $35,000 in adoption or surrogacy costs, granting eight fully paid weeks off to those using surrogates, fostering or adopting a child, and giving birth mothers 18 fully paid weeks off.” Salaried workers also get three ‘family care’ days.
  9. EY – Similar to Capital One, EY was also recognized by the WorkingMother in 2017 as a top 100 company for working mothers and families.
  10. The Dow Chemical Company – The Dow Chemical Company was the highest ranked among the Indeed reviews on employees compensation. “Despite what some may claim about which benefits millennials value most, compensation is still very high on the list.”

Best of the Rest

11) Microsoft
12) Mayo Clinic
13) Northwestern Mutual
14) Deloitte
15) Progressive
16) Upwork
17) NBCUniversal
18) Intuit
19) Amgen
20) Cisco
21) American Express
22) Intel
23) Raytheon
24) ADP
25) General Motors

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