Janice Bryant Howroyd is a very successful business person. To build and own a billion dollar company is extremely hard to do, but to be the first African American woman ot do so is a achievement no one else can ever state. Howroyd’s company The ActOne Group “provides workforce solutions to businesses across the globe, harnessing the innovative potential of a diverse global workforce.”

Recently the successful entrepreneur connected with the MSDUK, the largest advocacy organization supporting diverse businesses in the UK, in an effort to impart her knowledge on business growth and how taking a community approach can benefit everyone.

According to Howroyd, ““Profitability is not simply a question of one’s balance sheet. Supply chain diversity can be profitable for local communities. That is hugely important.”

Revenue is simply one side to a business’ success. In addition how you support the area around you as well as your employees and the future of your community is vital in establishing a truly game changing operation.

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