Last month, Kevin Hart premiered his latest movie “Night School” co-staring Tiffany Haddish and produced by long time business partner Will Packer. While the event was meant to promote the film to an expanding audience, the team behind the movie took the time to also discuss the importance of diversity.

Night School kicked off the 22nd Urbanworld Film Festival to explain how opportunities for people of color are not only present but also growing. Nigh School director Malcolm Lee added to the message explaining how film festivals such as Urbanworld helped introduce him to the world of entertainment.

With festivals and opportunities focused on bringing diverse experiences to the big screen, people like Malcolm Lee are awarded a way into the business.

Kevin Hart gave his thoughts on diversity as well stating that “We’re in a business where people of color have asked for opportunity. We’re now in a position where people of color are not only getting these opportunities, but we’re getting recognized. I can say that this road to equality is a long road that we’re fighting for but, that we’re seeing progress.”

And as Tiffany Haddish added. “And if you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”

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