In the modern business environment, stress is a part of life.  When it comes to being an entrepreneur, added responsibilities such as business management, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, and daily tasks can add to the stress of a normal corporate employee.  According to research by the accounting specialist FreeAgent , “some 73% of entrepreneurs believe their health has suffered since they launched their business: 38% said both their mental and physical health had suffered, 25% said it was their mental health that had been put at risk and 10% cited physical health problems.”

Alarming numbers for sure.

In addition, report revealed that “38% of entrepreneurs said they routinely worked more than 48 hours a week, while 7% said they usually worked for more than 64 hours.”

Again increasing amount of work means more hours devoted to creating a successful business.  Add the fact that an entrepreneur is usually 100% responsible for their income and an owner has no choice but to work as long as it takes to complete tasks.

Despite these numbers, entrepreneurs, while stressed, are also extremely happy.  “Some 81% said they would recommend self-employment to other people – and 60% said they believed their mental health had improved overall since they launched their business.”

It appears that the solution to a stressful environment…is putting yourself in an even more stressful environment where you can decide the outcome.