This week will determine the outlook of a new Congress for the next two years.  With roughly one third of America’s Congress up for election, there are many issues both businesses and individuals will consider when selecting candidates.  For this article, we will take a look at the issues surrounding small business needs and how it could determine the support candidates receive.

For 2018, there are many people who believe that a blue wave, or a Democratic victory will be the result of a 2018 election season that ends with Democrats becoming the majority within the House of Representatives.  If this happens, this may lead to much of President Trump’s agenda stalling and further complicate economic growth.  As representatives for the President have made clear, he is not up for compromising on much of his overall agenda including immigration, healthcare, his vision for economic growth, trade, and more.

These thoughts will be key to small business owners during the election season.  While there is no ranking of issues, the top concerns for entrepreneurs in my opinion involve the following:

  • Trade Policy
  • Economic Growth
  • Health Care
  • Tax Regulation
  • Immigration

Again this is not in any order, but as we move forward for the next 2 years these are the 5 major issues for business owners.  The first two (trade and economy) are big for obvious reasons.  The better the economy the better a small business can expect to do.  If trade deals are made, it also helps business owners selling and purchasing from overseas understand their costs better as well.

As for healthcare, when it comes to employees, understanding the cost of insurance if a major concerning when growing your business.  Immigration plays a part as well when looking for new employees.  Immigration while controversial, is very important for certain businesses looking to hire temporary or specialized skill sets.  Lastly taxes play a part as as, when budgeting growth, understanding tax laws and how to take advantage of your revenue is a must.

Those politicians that can explain how they will address these issues will see themselves come ahead and gain support among entrepreneurs.

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