After much speculation it appears that Amazon is in its final stages of selecting a new headquarter.  The trillion dollar valued company will look to build its new home in Crystal City, VA, a suburb of Washington DC.  It has also been noted that Long Island New York may be an additional choice, splitting the headquarters in 2.

According to reports, the new “plan would bring up to 50,000 jobs, split between the two cities. The average salary has been promised to pay more than $100,000 annually over the next 10 to 15 years.”

“In all, 238 cities, counties and states had submitted bids hoping to woo Amazon during the fall of 2017. Amazon had narrowed the list to 20 finalists in January.”

The selection does come with a bit of controversy as the city of Crystal City, VA is also the location of the CEO of Amazon’s mansion which is undergoing renovation.

In the beginning the short term front runners included Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, and Boston.

This is big news for small businesses located in that area as their are bound to be tons of opportunity in construction, maintenance, in office retail and food, and more.  It appears that as we move closer, small businesses should be looking to set up shop and prepare for RFPs hitting the public in another year or two.  Hopefully Amazon will keep to it’s small business strategy and look to connect with as many small firms as possible in helping build a new office in these areas.