by Ray Hayes

Twitter has been an appealing social networking and branding option for small business owners over the past few years. Reports from Small-Bizsense revealed that

  1. 67 percent of Twitter users who follow a particular brand will buy from that brand and
  2. 42 percent of Twitter users use the site to learn about a brand’s products and services.

With this revelation, its no wonder why entrepreneurs value Twitter as a marketing asset.  Yet, despite this, more than 9 million people have stopping the social media platform.

This is amazing when you consider that Twitter is actually more profitable now than it was in the past.

As reported by Engadget, “the company said that it pulled in $758 million in revenue and turned a net profit of $106 million. Since the start of 2018, Twitter has seen profit figures grow from $61 million in Q1, through $100 million in Q2.” Furthermore, Twitter officials have reported that the decline of users can somewhat be attributed to the crack down on ‘automated bot traffic.’

Granted the decline of users is nothing to boast about, the company says that with the crackdown and other improvements focusing on the increase quality services, profitability has risen.

With 70 percent of small business owners utilizing the social media platform, today you can be sure that users following your brand or more likely to purchase than in the past, making Twitter a key strategy for future marketing.