by Ray Hayes

A recently released survey from Kabbage Inc revealed that small business owners are looking to double or even quadruple their marketing budgets every year. According to Kabbage Inc, marketing allows owners to tell their unique story while also broadening their customer base. With efforts to help small business owners find a quality service to market their product, USA Today Network and its parent company Gannett Co. are rolling out LOCALiQ.

LOCALiQ is a new service that helps small businesses reach a broader audience and advertise to local consumers with a digital platform.  Business owners will be able to audit their marketing presence while getting suggestions on budgets and best return on investment. The most vital element of LOCALiQ is the fact that it allows small businesses to be unique and that is very important to attracting new consumers.

Most businesses are using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter which limits business from reaching users from their newsfeed due to new privacy rules while others utilize popular digital marketing platforms like Yelp or Google Listing which limits your shine due to the tons of businesses crowding the websites.

An alternative digital marketing service like LOCALiQ gives you a chance to shine without all the clutter and more efficiency, quality and better service. In all, LOCALiQ will grant companies the ability to refine old marketing processes in an effort to earn a better ROI.

Kevin Gentzel, Chief Revenue Officer, Gannett, USA TODAY NETWORK, recently issued a statement about the new digital marketing service. “With LOCALiQ, we utilize our scale, proprietary technology, data-driven solutions and informed best practices – all to help millions of local business across the US win. We believe that LOCALiQ, and the technology powering it, will give our clients a big advantage as they seek to reach customers effectively and efficiently wherever they are. We are more than just a ‘newspaper’ company, we are a digital media and marketing solution partner that can help businesses compete and win…Through our company’s history, we have gained a strong understanding of local marketing and with LOCALiQ, we are bringing together all of our assets to make a real difference for local businesses.”