In taking a look at Forbes weekly small business news, it is key to discuss a few hot topics involving cashier-less stores and delivery apps.

Cashier-less is the future

According to the Forbes article, “Walmart will soon open a cashier-less store called Sam’s Club Now in Dallas. The wholesale club retailer is testing out new technology that eliminates cashiers by allowing customers to shop via mobile phone. Its innovative concept store will allow customers to use the Walmart app to scan barcodes on items they place in their carts. When leaving Sam’s Club Now, shoppers will scan a code at the exit and then be billed for their purchases.”

While interesting, Walmart is now the second company to try this following Amazon’s cashier-less store in Seattle, WA.  In addition, Amazon has stated that they are planning to open 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021.

For small businesses this is a huge game changer and could push smaller stores to follow suit with cashier-less solutions of their own.  How merchants proceed with this if it’s successful will be a big thing to watch.

Delivery apps are decreasing restaurant visitors

Delivery apps like “DoorDash Inc., Postmates Inc., GrubHub Inc., and UberEats have made ordering in easier and are changing restaurants’ business model. The number of food delivery app downloads has gone up 380% in the last three years, and research firm Cowen and Co. predicts U.S. restaurant delivery sales will rise about 12% a year to $76 billion in the next four years. (Source: Bloomberg)”

Like when Fintech companies emerged following the recession, we could see a huge boon in the delivery app market relatively soon.  Again, similar to cashier-less stores, smaller restaurants will want to connect with delivery apps to make sure they stay in contention for customers looking for a quick cooked meal.