In today’s environment, unconscious biases is the go to issue when people review the issues involving diversity hiring.  In the workplace, many employees make hires based on similarities.  If an applicant looks like or is from the same area or background as a current employee, that person is more likely to hire them versus another applicant.  In the past, some people have theorized that eliminating information from an applicant (e.g. race, or background), can help in this process.  It appears LinkedIn is going a different route and empowering its users with more information from their diversity insights feature.

According to Fast Company, the new LinkedIn Recruiter is powered by AI and machine learning and will help employers “analyze job postings and extract data about the skills and experience along with who’s looking to make search results better. The Talent Hub is a beefed up applicant tracking system that takes care of the whole hiring journey from searching, managing the pipeline, and collecting feedback, to extending an offer. Along the way, the diversity insights will show the recruiter representative samples of potential candidates, like if there are 6500 engineers (40% women, 60% men), the recruiter will see 40% of women in each page of the search results to more fairly represent the available pool.”

While good in theory, there may be some concern over how this information is used.  Will someone simply filter out all the men and look for women or vice versa?  If so won’t that eliminate qualified applicants in the process?

Time will tell how the information is utilized but, we know that it is getting better in terms of hiring diverse applicants.  Hopefully this will be used correctly and can help grow a workforce in a positive way.