The United States of America is slowly moving towards a one party system.  While today’s outlook of a Republican party with control of the Senate and Presidency may cause supporters to believe in a future similar to today’s, the truth is that the Republican party will go extinct if changes are not made soon.

In 1990, about 91 percent of voters were white. During the Midterm Tuesday elections, that percentage had dropped to 72 percent, “the fewest on record for midterms in exit polls dating to 1982. Twenty-eight percent were nonwhite -– triple the level 28 years ago.”  As big of a gap this presents, the bigger issue of how people are voting is the troublesome reality for the GOP.

According ABC News, 67% of voters under the age of 30 voted Democrat including 81% of nonwhites, a group that is consistently growing in terms of percentage of population

The age breakdown is a serious negative for Republicans who have seen most if not all of its support fall into those over the age of 65.  About 82 percent of voters over 65 were white. during the midterms, while 56 percent were white among 18 to 29 year olds.  By 2020 that number will continue to drop as older Americans die and more diverse people become legal and are able to vote.

What about young whites aged 18 – 29?  Well they’re voting Democrat too apparently.  In the 2018 midterms, the demographic went 55% Democrat.

There are two big phenomena that happened during the election that, for Democrats will only mean an increase in support and votes.  1)  Demographic breakdown and 2) The New Suburb

According to the exit polls, when broken down by nonwhites, 90% African Americans voted Democratic, 69% of Hispanics voted Democratic (including a record midterm high in turnout), 77% of Asians voted Democratic (” their widest Democratic margin in available exit poll data dating to 1990″), “American Indians voted Democratic by 10 points; those of other races, by 19.”  These numbers are incredible and of such a large gap that, in order to bring these numbers to balance, a drastic shift in tone and policy must come from the GOP to curtail it.

In terms of population distribution, “among whites, 24 percent on Tuesday were under age 40. This rose to three in 10 blacks, American Indians and people of other racial or ethnic backgrounds; 41 percent of Hispanics; and 44 percent of Asians -– further clear evidence that future is a more diverse one.”

As for the New Suburb, an interesting truth hit many in politics on Midterm Tuesday.

House Vote

Like most elections, whites in suburbs voted majority Republican, but many suburbs switched from Red to Blue.  The reason is that more minorities now reside in suburban areas meaning a shift in votes occurred.  Again, as the country gets more diverse, the population will naturally spread out thereby creating a diverse demographic among all areas of the nation.

And Republicans are far behind.  If Republicans want to change the narrative and give themselves a chance for a future, they will have to change their strategy and reach out beyond Rural America, which (in my opinion) will eventually become more diverse as the country grows older.  A party focused on 15% of Americans can only go so far.

As much as liberals are excited about this, the truth is, you need both parties for check and balances.  You don’t want the government to grow to big or fall to small.  You need both parties to make compromises for the good of the people.  At some point Republicans will be forced to change their narrative in order to grow, it’s the only way.  When that time comes, I believe we will experience a much better America.