Happy Small Business Saturday eve!  Tomorrow, November 24th, consumers everywhere will look to connect with and support their local community by visiting small businesses throughout their city.  What makes this day special is that, unlike “Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which focus on larger retailers and ecommerce stores, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop at predominantly small and local retailers and to use small, local service such as restaurants and other independent local businesses.”

According to Small Business Trends, the “campaign was launched in 2010 by American Express, a time when many small businesses in the United States were struggling as a result of the recession.”  Since that time, American Express has estimated that around $85 billion has been spent by consumers in support of small firms.

To gear up for the event, here are a few pieces of advice small business owners and those looking to support them can take note:

  1. Connect with local events:  This is a great idea as there will be many events catering to the promotion of small businesses.  Join in and see how you can support or benefit from the local promotion.
  2. Plan an event yourself:  Similar to the first suggestion, plan something for the day as well.  Whether that be a sale or shiny new product, offering something unique for the day makes sense and helps bring people to your door.
  3. Let American Express help promote your business:  Looking to connect to potential consumers online outside the regular social media sites.  Check out the Shop Small Store to have your information listed.