by Ray Hayes

Instead of retiring, many baby boomers are choosing entrepreneurship.  A recent Kaufmann Foundation report found that baby boomers are twice as likely to start a new business compared to millennials. In an effort to assist those that plan to start a business within the coming days, weeks, months or years, has developed a list of the top 50 cities for Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs based on the specific demographic.

Of the top ten cities, four are from the Golden State with two cities being from Tennessee.

Before the list is revealed let’s look at how the list was developed. As reported by, “Lending Tree compared 50 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas (“MSAs”). A score of 100 points was available for each city based on three criteria. They were median business income for boomers, average (mean) business income for boomers, and the percentage of businesses founded in the last five years that were started by boomers.”

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