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The past two years have seen record optimism for American small businesses.  As the economy has grown to high Obama era levels, many business owners have looked to expand their operations within their local community or other areas within the nation.  This expansion has also led to an increase in jobs as “a National Federation of Independent Businesses report showed that small businesses are growing and adding the most workers per firm since July 2006. “

With these new opportunities, having an office space to house new employees is a must and many owners are looking to move.  

It is why the recent news of Amazon deciding to split its second headquarters to New York and Washington DC suburb has gotten so much publicity.  For cities that did not win the decision, a sigh of relief has come across small businesses who now do not have to worry about things such as “real-estate speculators, gentrification and soaring housing prices.”  In addition, trying to win employees against Amazon would have cause problems as well.

Also, many cities, like Pittsburgh are still looking for ways to attract new citizens and have thus turned to small business owners to lead the charge.  With the money promised to Amazon (such as tax breaks) no longer being needed, ways to improve the city at considerably less cost is now being looked at and small firms are working with government officials to do it.

For the cities that were selected, new issues for small business owners are now being looked at.  Currently a revolt of sorts has taken place in “New York City, where leaders have slammed Amazon’s plans to colonize Queens, taking millions in subsidies while guaranteeing nothing in return.”  The truth is that, while Amazon wins, the regular citizens of the city will be impacted in a negative way and more than likely forced to pack up and leave.

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