by Ray Hayes

In 1945, more than 49 percent of veterans coming back from World War II became their own boss by starting their own business.  Unfortunately, things have changed over the past century and veterans are not becoming entrepreneurs as much as their predecessors.  Since 9/11, only 4.9 percent of veterans are becoming entrepreneurs.  Santa Barbara City College wants to change the current trend and reestablish self made ‘Vetrepreneurs’ 

The college’s Jack and Julie Nadel School of Business recently launched a new program for veterans called Vetrepreneurs. As you may have noticed the name of the program is a play on words by combing entrepreneurs and veterans together. The overall goal of the program is to connect veterans with resources and opportunities to launch their own businesses. The President of Santa Barbara City College, Anthony Beebe recently spoke about the launch of the new program.

“We know that veterans are phenomenal employees because they have a good work ethic, good moral character, they are dedicated, these are also characteristics of a good small business owner and that is why this Vetrepreneur program is such a great program for our veterans to be able to get involved with small businesses and start up a small business and be successful,” said President Beebe.

During the launch event for the program, Scheinfeld Center Director Julie Samson announced that there will be startup seed funding specifically for the program during the 9th annual Scheinfeld New Venture Challenge business plan and pitch competition held on April 26th, 2019. If you would like to learn more about the event, Samson indicated that updates will be shared at

This is a great opportunity for veterans to gain the knowledge, mentorship, funding and opportunities to flourish as Vetrepreneurs. I will keep you all updated on the program and its success in the near future.

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