Finding cyber insurance for small businesses can be challenging.  While not the first thing on a small business owners mind, cyber insurance is extremely important for small firms looking to do business with large corporations.  In addition, insurance is a good way to protect oneself from potential hacks and loss of data.

Enter CyberPolicy.  CyberPolicy is an online cyber insurance marketplace that launched in 2016.  The goal of the platform is to offer “small businesses an online system to compare, quote, and buy cyber insurance online in minutes. Since then, CyberPolicy has expanded its cyber insurance offerings to cover 98 percent of small business types with up to $250 million in revenue.”

Currently the online portal works with insurance companies including “Progressive, Chubb, Hiscox, SecurityScorecard, UpGuard and others to develop bundled cybersecurity offerings to help small businesses against cyberattacks.” .

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