Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash

The Detroit Metro Airport is currently expanding its hiring practices to include people of diverse backgrounds in an effort to better connect with incoming travelers. The initiative began in 2016 and has since seen an increase in qualified candidates.

“In 2016 we made a concerted effort to find people who helped us match the community in which we worked,” said Chad Newton, CEO of the Wayne County Airport. ““We have a lot of diverse groups in this area and our police department was not a reflection of that.”

The goal of the initiative was to become more inclusive with its hires to “include officers who speak multiple languages, including Arabic.”

“At one point we had zero people that could communicate” with the thousands of diverse travelers coming in from around the world, Newton said. “According to Newton, 16 of the airport’s last 21 officer hires have come from a diverse or minority background. He said Caucasian officers have privately told him that the new focus on diversity has been beneficial in countless ways.”

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