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The sixth Women in Alternative Investment survey from KPMG LLP found that there were improvements in gender diversity in the alternative investment sector but problems remain in terms of recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the industry.

The survey involved 886 global participants which included both men and women for the first time. The findings reveal that there were significant increases in the percentage of institutional investors who plan to require their investment teams to report diversity efforts, those who plan to demand firms in their portfolios to improve diversity and those who plan to require diversity statistics disclosure for all prospective investments.

The survey also found significant differences in the way men and women view the severity of the gender gap problem in the industry. According to the survey “65 percent of women said their sector is not doing enough, while only 45 percent of men agreed with that statement. 48 percent of women said their firm isn’t doing enough to recruit, retain or advance women, while only 30 percent of men agreed with that statement. 50 percent of women polled said their firm’s leadership believes diversity is an important part of their business strategy, while 65 percent of men agree with that statement.”

Survey co-author Camille Asaro believes the industry needs to address the frustrations of women with their firms including work/life integration, uncertain upward mobility, inclusion and firms’ commitment to gender diversity.