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Poor information management can negatively affect employee productivity, according to M-Files’ 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report. The survey included 1,500 employees from the public and private sectors in the U.S., United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, France, Australia, Finland and Austria.

The findings reveal that the effectiveness and productivity of employees are affected by storage of information in the incorrect system or folder, incorrect or improper labeling of documents and inability to sign documents on a mobile device when they need to. More than 80% of respondents would like to have a reliable search tool from a single place and an automated system for tagging and naming a document.  

The conclusion of the survey is that many business organizations are still storing information manually and they are using outdated structures in unintegrated systems which is very inefficient given the pace information is being generated.

M-Files senior vice president of marketing Greg Milliken suggests that companies should adopt intelligent information management solutions in order to dramatically improve their information management system which in turn will allow employees to add more value to the organization.

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