Gucci and Prada are throwing their support behind diversity and inclusion after years of toeing the line.

Over the past few years, both high-end fashion brands were swamped by racism allegations after mishandling clothing releases.

For Gucci, their wool turtleneck balaclava sweater, with large red lips around the mouth area resembled blackface. Gucci tweeted an apology after the incident while announcing full scholarship programs that include grants aim to address diversity and inclusion.

For Prada, keychains featuring monkeys elicited negative reactions, leading to the company forming a ‘diversity and inclusion advisory council’ to make sure diverse voices have influence on future product lines. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that noted filmmaker Ava DuVernay and Artist Theaster Gates will be included on the new Prada board.

Taking steps in the right directions are good signs, but hopefully this is more than just window dressing.

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