Pixar’s eight-minute animated film “Purl” has illustrated the importance of workplace diversity and inclusivity.

In the short film, the lead character, a pink ball of yarn named Purl is ignored by colleagues because she is different. To fit in, Purl refashions herself into a knitted business suit and embraces a personality that mirrors her co-workers, losing herself in the process.

Purl’s examples shows the difficulty of being different in an office environment and how poor onboarding can lead to a toxic environment.

According to film writer and director Kirsten Lester, the story is based on her own experiences in the animation industry. The film also highlighted the two main problems in male-dominated industries like venture capital and tech: the hiring of diverse employees and the reporting of diversity statistics.

Tech firms Palantir Technologies and Oracle opposed government-mandated reporting of their women and minority employees, on the grounds of preventing employee or talent poaching. But according to Oracle’s web site, only about a third of its entire staff is women, with only 23% in leadership positions. Meanwhile, a Reveal report found that only 1.4% of Palantir’s workforce is black and it does not have any female managers, executives or senior officials.

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