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A million new people from 230 countries and territories go online daily according to the Digital Trends 2019 Report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. The staggering number of new people researching, purchasing products and services and performing other tasks online is an opportunity that small businesses can’t ignore.

Digital Trends for 2019

Here are some of the key digital trends from the report that small businesses should be aware of and act on accordingly.

45% Log into Social Platforms

The Hootsuite survey shows that 45% of the world or almost 3.5 billion people in a year are accessing their social platform accounts.

Greg Perotto, Hootsuite VP of Global Marketing emphasized that small businesses should be active on social media especially in messaging which is growing at an impressive pace. In WhatsApp alone, 60 billion messages are sent each day.

Perotto added that “90% of customers express a desire to contact a business through messaging’ but not even half of businesses are using messaging apps.

The reality now is that businesses that are not into social media and messaging are not where their customers are.

YouTube – the Most Active Social platform

The survey report also shows that in the U.S., the most active social platform is YouTube  and 75% of the viewers are using their mobile devices. 

For small businesses, it means that creating promotional content for YouTube is a low-cost way to reach millions of people who are viewing millions of hours of videos for information and entertainment.

70% of People Online Use Mobile Messaging

The report also highlights that 70% of people online are using mobile messaging. Instant messaging is becoming an effective way for businesses to connect with current and potential customers, generate leads and grow their business.

According to the VP of Global Marketing at Hootsuite, “the top 4 messaging apps globally now count nearly 5 billion monthly active users.” Since mobile messaging is “truly how people — customers — now communicate”, small businesses can use relatively inexpensive messaging-bot programs to run campaigns, confirm sales or services and reply to questions from customers. 

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