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Technology helps a business optimize its operation and stay ahead of the competition. The appropriate technology can improve productivity, product quality, communications and/or work environment but its acquisition requires a substantial investment. It does not however, come cheap.

To acquire a new machine, a substantial amount will be needed for its purchase, personnel training and maintenance. To computerize a business operation, funds will be needed to buy the hardware, train its users, subscribe to a network service provider, and in some cases, hire an IT professional to maintain the system. 

Why a small business loan makes sense

Businesses with sufficient disposable cash may not consider the cost of technology acquisition a problem.  However, a relatively big capital expenditure for a small business may not be wise with financial uncertainties.

A business loan is a way to provide the business with the needed funds without diluting ownership. 

Government help

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) helps connects small business owners  with lenders which can provide loans to small businesses. The loan does not come from the SBA. Instead, the agency sets guidelines for small business loans provided by micro-lending institutions, community development organizations, and other lending partners.