Land O’Lakes Sustain Program has helped Campbell Soup improved the sustainability of its crops including corn, soybeans and wheat. Sustain is a conservation solutions provider that provides technology resources and tools to help Campbell better manage profitability and improve environmental responsibility.

Sustain senior vice president Matt Carstens said they were able to help Campbell improve the use of nitrogen on its farms which improved yield and reduced negative environmental effects. The incorporation of sustainable farming practices can help improve the efficiency and resiliency of Campbell’s supply chain and the cost savings can then be passed on to consumers.

According to Campbell Soup chief sustainability officer Dave Stangis, integrating sustainability into their operations is good for their business, their consumers and the planet. The company’s director of sustainable agriculture Dan Sonke added that sustainability initiatives are their way of responding to the needs of investors and retailers, because investors want companies with resilient supply chains that can handle the effects of climate change and retailers need for sustainable products.

Campbell Soup is also improving its relationships with suppliers through its Responsible Sourcing program which covers supplier diversity, human rights and traceability of raw materials. The company was recently recognized by Corporate Knights as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

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